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Why not check out the magstaff right here while we collect some more photos and video of this thing in action?

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Some kind words

While the MagStaff and other MagFlow Toys are still in beta testing and early development, we’ve been in touch with performers, journalists, and fans who are itching to get their hands on one of the first released MagStaff’s for  2018.


Kris “Fringe” McDermott

“The mag-staff is unquestionably the future of freestyle recreation”

– Kris Fringe, ABORTmagazine

Tristan “Little Miss” Risk

“This is going to change the flow game for a lot of people. Instead of performing with a zillion different props, you’ve got a zillion props in one.’

– Tristan Risk, Dark Comedy Productions

Scott “Hey Photoguy” Alexander

In the hands of a skilled performer, this unique toy is capable of both mystifying and amazing an audience of any size.  Such an incredible invention from such a simple concept!

– Scott Alexander, Creative Consultant

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MagFlowToys are always looking for individuals who have experienced all that the MagStaff has to offer.  Please get in touch using the contact form below and let us know what you thought!

Burns The Dragon, CEO/Founder MagFlow Toys

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